EP Reviews: The EP You Needed All These Years

Artist – Ashley Stacey

EP: The EP You Needed all These Years

Record Label: Unsigned

Release Date: September 25, 2021

Ashley Stacey is an Indie rock singer-songwriter from Sidcup who we have covered a couple of times before. He has just released his latest EP ‘The EP You Needed All These Years’ which features two songs we’ve previously covered “There’s No Telling You” and and “We’re All going Mad”. The EP also includes three other songs another single “Palace Pier” and the self titled track as well as a cover of an Oasis classic “The Importance of Being Idle”. If you want more detail on the artist why not check out the previous reviews as mentioned, but now let’s dive into the EP.

On the first track “There’s No Telling You” Stacey’s vocals also leave a strong impression on our ears they are well-modulated and you can’t help but get drawn in and go along with the flow of the tune. The lyrics tell us a story of a person who doesn’t listen to a friend’s advice or just someone who doesn’t take another’s advice. The track notably follows an acoustic guitar throughout though the electric does come in on certain sections.

We also get a great little solo guitar lick leading us in and we get some simple and smooth strumming patterns from the acoustic. The track also includes brilliant instrumentals helping to give that catchy upbeat feel, something you’ll notice in many of his songs.

This is then followed up by another feel-good track “We’re All Going Mad” where you can hear some influences from that 90’s early 2000’s Britpop and bands such as Oasis as well as some earlier Beatles emanating through. On hearing the opening drums and guitar this is clearly quintessential of that Britpop sound I mentioned. You simply can’t get enough of that lead guitar that tone is just irresistible.

Then the vocals come in which can be best described as a combination of Liam Gallagher of Oasis and George Harrison from the Beatles. The track also includes an immense solo with a killer sound and is a very enjoyable listen.

Following on from this with some jangled acoustic guitars, backward electric guitar, vox sounding organs, and with a hint of Motown in the bassline we get “Palace Pier”. The sound from this awesome track almost puts you in mind of the Mod culture. He has managed to capture such an incredible culture with relatable lyrics and a sound that will capture your attention.

Now comes the cover of the Oasis track which is not markedly different from the original. However, it does still have its own unique quality. He does well when transitioning between the high and low notes although perhaps not always quite hitting that same sweet point as Gallagher. Despite that, this takes nothing away from the performance and the mix which adds Stacey’s own flair and influence.

The final self-titled track has a very laid-back yet anthemic feeling you can imagine it being the band’s final song of the night. You can almost see the audience swaying with their lighters and phones in the air. Another heavily acoustic-led song with some excellent instrumental accompaniment. There is also a news or radio podcast that’s incorporated which blends well with the track fading out.

This EP was a most enjoyable listen with some great vocal performances and excellent instrumentation with simple yet magical guitar lines. The flow on each track really encapsulates you and you just want to hear what’s next. You are sure to be in a feel-good mood after hearing this latest release. I’m giving this 4 stars, be sure to give this a listened on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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