Interview: Lasse Frontman of Flush

Band Members:

Vocals/Guitar: Lasse

Guitar/Backing Vocals: Janne

Bass: Eero

Drums: Bögä

Flush are based in Helsinki, Finland and are a punk/alternative rock band. They draw much of their inspiration from bands and artists such as Bad Religion, Tool, Pavement, Nick Cave and Rage Against the Machine just to name a few. The group released their debut album ‘It Began as a Mistake’ back in October 2020 and the band is now set to release a follow-up EP in the Fall of 2021. The first single off the EP is titled, “Entertainment” and has already been released on August 27. They recently answered some questions for us check it out.

What got you into making music?

Music was always there from my early childhood days. I especially remember sitting in the backseat of our old, blue Ford Taunus, listening to rock and pop music mix cassette tapes made by my dad. I then started finding my own favourites when I was around 6 or 7 years old – the usual Kiss, Maiden and WASP – and my life has been a constant search and discovery of new music ever since. I still look for inspiring new bands, learn about new genres and study what makes the music resonate. Music is the soundtrack of my life, always has been and hopefully always will be.

Who inspired you to make music?

I’m a self-thought keyboard and guitar player, who got asked into a band by my friends when we were in our middle teens. I don’t remember ever deciding explicitly to start making my own songs. It just happened naturally as I realized that various sounds, rhythms, chord progressions and melodies started to make up unique patterns, and it didn’t seem that difficult to do. Then the real boost and clarity came when I first got exposed to punk rock and grunge in the late 80s/early 90s. That music gave me the confidence to bring those songs forward to the band and suggest, “hey, what if we played a song that goes like this…”.

What is your creative process?

I know many songwriters have very rigorous processes that keep them creative and productive. I wish I did, but I don’t. Other aspects of my life don’t allow this focus. My songs come from various places, situations, and contexts. Some start with the guitar riff, others with a lead melody, and some have very clear lyrical ideas to begin with while others are just made-up lyrics until the song needs to be recorded. Recently, I have started to practice relying on my sub consciousness in the process.

I often think about and work through song ideas in my mind as I am about to go to sleep. My hypothesis here is that in my sleep my brain will further develop the song, and one day I’ll wake up with a ready song crystal clear in my mind. While this has not yet come to fruition, I have noticed that this method helps me remember the essentials, get rid of the unnecessary stuff, and slowly but surely evolve the song closer to its final format.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

There are so many, both artists as well as producers. At this point, I’d probably prefer a producer-type of a collab. I don’t want to name any specific names, but we’re always looking for someone who can bring out the best from us, make us sound better than ever before, add that special something to the songs, and make the final audio product stand out in the overall noise of today’s digital music soundscapes. If your readers have anyone in mind, then please let us know!

What does Your Band Name Mean?

Our band name ‘Flush’ does not have any deeper meaning. Sorry, I wish we had a better story here! We’ve had the name for a long time; it’s short, to the point, and can mean a few different things, which are all aspects we like.

What is your favourite song to perform?

We just played our first live gig in a really long time, so this is a well-timed question. For me, the most enjoyable song was one of our upcoming singles from the EP we are releasing later this Fall. The song is called “Kings and Queens”. It’s groovy and quite heavy for our repertoire, and I really felt the groove while playing it. It rocks hard. [Below is a sample of their music]

What are you working on right now?

As said, we are releasing an EP this Fall. It’s called ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’, and we just released the first single called “Entertainment”. These are, or will be, available on all digital platforms. Now we are mostly focused on promoting the heck out of this release and trying to secure some live shows whenever clubs in our surroundings can start opening again. I think we all desperately need our fix of live music and good old rock’n roll entertainment!






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